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0.02 PPM (parts per million) of hydrogen peroxide is released from the device in a gaseous state, continuously disinfecting and purifying the air & surfaces of your home, office, or business.

Oxygen, and moisture from the air go into the device where the CIMR Cell ionizes these particles to form an atomic bond creating hydrogen peroxide.

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About CIMR Technology

See what makes it special


How does it prevent viruses, bacteria, and mold?

The core process of this technology is the photocatalytic process in which the gaseous hydrogen peroxide is produced and ionized. This means that the hydrogen peroxide particles have both localized positive and negative charges. Thanks to the electrostatic attraction they are attracted to pathogens and other molecules making the hydrogen peroxide molecules function as a scavenger, homing in and finding these harmful pathogens.

Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective disinfectant, used in many industries where surfaces need to be sterilized such as hospitals, doctors, restaurants, amongst others. Just like the hydrogen peroxide, you can find in your local pharmacy, hydrogen peroxide gas produced using this technology kills bacteria and viruses by oxidizing the outer membrane of these pathogens, keeping your home or workplace safe.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Disinfection and purification are not the only advantages of BonAir devices, the CIMR technology also offers:

  • Cost avoidance: BonAir devices are low-cost maintenance; they do not require refills or replacing filters. Furthermore, since this technology works 24/7, you do not need to hire a team to disinfect facilities with other procedures that have recurring costs such as h2o2 or chemical misting.

  • 24/7 protection: BonAir devices can work around the clock continuously producing hydrogen peroxide gas to reach every nook and cranny.

  • Maintain productivity: Because the device is constantly finding and terminating pathogens, employees are protected while they work, reducing the possibilities of a virus or bacteria affecting them.

See our proof

Don't just take our word for it, we publish all studies so you can see the effects of the CIMR technology when put through the most rigorous standards. That's not all, with every BonAir purchase you have the option to receive one or more bacterial & viral collection swab kit so you can see the results for yourself.


We have been behind several studies of prominent research & education centers across the states such as Kansas State University & the University of Pittsburgh. You can read more about these studies by visiting Studies.

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