CIMR 2000


The CIMR 2000 is a portable and stand-alone unit, perfect for home or office. The CIMR 2000 effectively kills germs, bacteria, and mold while reducing odor. It comes with a remote controller and easy to read LED display.

Hybrid CIMR machine means this unit is able to disinfect, purify and filter the air in your living environment.



  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Vehicle Adapter
  • Surge Protector & Battery Backup
  • The CIMR2000 features customizable settings to help you protect your living environment and workspace. With adjustable fan speeds, you can control the flow of air that travels through the device, tailoring your experience to your specific needs.


    Donate to the Preterm Birth & Coronavirus Prevention Foundation (Fundación para La Prevención del Parto Prematuro y el Coronavirus) and you could receive a discount that matches or exceeds your donation. Visit www.fundasion.com for more information.